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Leif Sundin added as FOURTH singer with Schenker

Fourth vocalist joins Michael Schenker Fest! As previously announced, Michael Schenker will be joined by his three former MSG vocalists Graham Bonnet, Gary Barden and Robin McAuley for one exclusive show at Sweden Rock Festival when the guitarist celebrates his entire career under the name Michael Schenker Fest. We are happy to announce that a fourth singer has now confirmed his participation in the concert: Leif Sundin, who sang in MSG in the mid-90's and again in the mid-00's. Hailing from Stockholm, Sundin has also made a name for himself as the lead singer with Brian Robertson, Great King Rat and the John Norum Band, and these days he's working on a new band project. The Michael Schenker Fest show at Sweden Rock Festival will be the only in the world this year, and possibly ever, featuring all these four singers!

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